Sunday, January 18, 2015

20 minute walks

I happen to live on the edge of my university, and since it takes me millions and millions of years to get to my classes that are on the complete other side of campus, I read. Yes, I do read while I walk. Sounds a bit odd, but if I might add, I've gotten pretty good at it. I haven't even hit a tree, student, car, professor, building, etc. Anyways, let me get back to my story... So, on one of my many adventures to the Science Building, aka my second home (I should probably just build a tent and sleep there), I was reading.  Then I came to a sudden stop since I came to a street. I put my book down, looked both ways, crossed the street, and once I had crossed... I picked my book right back up and continued reading.
"HEY!" this guy yelled at me.
I looked over and then he continued, "Want to know how I got this?"
At this moment he was pointing at his limp leg.
I asked him, "How?"
Then he went to explain on how he had been in a car accident.
"I'm so sorry..." I replied.
Then, he asked what my book was called.
"This is What Happy Looks Like," I responded.
He pointed at his leg.
"Do you think this is what happy looks like? Have a nice day," he said...
... and disappeared.

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