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All about them Brows!
I'm thankful eyebrows are in style now. Why? Well, I was naturally born with two forests on my forehead and now they're seen as a "frame work" for my face. When I do fill in my or when I'm doing someone else's brows I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Pomade. I do recommend this product 100%. Yet, I believe it should come with a label saying, "WARNING: A little goes a VERY long way." since it does, and if you're not careful then your eyebrows go from being nice frameworks to a complete disaster. 
The color I use is "Dark Brown"

Naked Basics Palette
I've been dying for the Naked Basics Palette for way too long and I finally got it! I'm in love with this palette... Many reasons.
1) The colors are all matte except for one highlight color (Venus)
2) The palette is small which is great for just throwing in a purse and or makeup bag
3) One can create a simple everyday look or a night look
4) The mirror is the perfect size
5) The pigment is great for all the colors
The Naked Basics Palette includes Venus, Foxy, W.O.S., Naked 2, Faint, and Crave

Perfection Lumiera Velvet Foundation by Chanel
Chanel by far has some of my favorite foundations. It is pricey but I feel like splurging on foundation is not a bad thing especially since having the right foundation can make or break your makeup look.   One of my favorite foundation and the one that I'm currently using is the Perfection Lumiera Velvet Foundation. The foundation has a sheer coverage that does not feel cakey on the skin. It does last a long time and doesn't slip and slide on your face. I have oily skin and this foundation works great. Don't forget to powder after applying foundation (this goes for any foundation), whether the powder is translucent or not. Helps control the oils and also makes the foundation last longer.The one down side to this foundation is that flash photography will cause a white cast. But, unless you're always being photograph this is a great foundation for everyday use. It also gives you a nice healthy glow and as SPF 15.
I use 40 Beige

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