Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day

Hello my wonderful readers!

Excuse my long absence, but I’ve had a pretty busy week. I had a neuroscience and chemistry exam on the same day, so I went a bit crazy. Maybe not just a bit. I think I drank my weight in coffee...


I love Valentine’s Day. So I’m super pumped for this weekend. Why, Pamela? Don't you know you're single? Yes. This is true but that doesn’t mean I’ll be “depressed” on this holiday.  Or, be sad eating thousands of pounds of chocolate while I cry watching [insert cheesy chick flick movie here]. Well, I will be eating chocolate (and a whole bunch of it), but that’s just because I can. Plus, chocolate makes the world go around. Anyways, I love this holiday. If you do have a significant other then you can plan something really romantic, or if you’re interested in someone then it’s you’re chance to make a move. However, if you don’t, you can definitely have fun! This year, I’m spending mine with my closest friends from college, so I’m extremely excited. (It’s a “girls night” but since guys are coming, we are changing their names to girl names so it fits the theme). I’ve experienced Valentine’s Day from both sides of the relationship spectrum, and they are both special in completely different ways. So no need to be sad my single friends!

So, I decided to make a Valentine’s Day 101 blog post.

Let’s start with numero uno….

1. No being sad. There’s no need to be sad or bitter that you don’t have someone “special” to spend it with. Go call some friends and plan something. Valentine’s Day is about spending with the people you love. Love isn’t just felt with a boyfriend or a girlfriend but it’s also felt with friends and family!

2. Pinterest is the way to go… find something complicated and make it.

3. Plan a fancy dinner with your friends and get all dressed up and go out to eat! (Who doesn’t like to feel good while they eat some food? I know I do!)

4. If you have liked someone for a while… go ask him or her to go out. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no and then you can throw a Hershey Kiss at their face. Don’t do that. But, if they say no then it’s totally fine and then you know that they aren’t interested and you can take the first step to move on.

These were definitely lame tips…
It’s hard to think of the non-cheesy typical Valentine’s Day things to do.

But, if I had to finish with something that might help you on your Valentine’s Day
, it is this: Whoever makes you happy, whether it be a significant other, friend, or family member, you should spend it with them. Why? We are on this wonderful life journey, and those people who make you happy are the people that help you enjoy every single second of it, even when you feel like you can’t keep going.

I totally understand how this Holiday can get kind of lonely when you don’t have someone to spend it with it
, but it’s only as lonely as you make it. You have the ability to make it the greatest day ever or a sad night. All depends on your outlook on things. 

So, maybe this is why I love Valentine’s Day.
I have the opportunity to spend it with my friends and family who I love and that is all that really matters. And, when I do get to spend it with the guy I like or even the guy who I’ve fallen in love with, then that will be just as great. 

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