Sunday, February 1, 2015

BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell

First of all: Thank you Griffin for letting me borrow this book! You’re seriously the best. :) 

Guess what time it is… Book review time! When I started this book (literally after the first 60 pages), I told everyone about it. Because right from the beginning, I was so intrigued.

Do I recommend this book? YES. If you’re into learning about the unconscious mind and learning more about psychology then you should totally check this book out! I obviously enjoyed it, since I’m a psychology major… and since I’ve always been so fascinated with human nature.
What exactly is this book about?

Predicting whether a marriage will end up in a divorce in three minutes, providing less information about the patient so doctors are less likely to make a mistake, analyzing to see whether an “I love you” is truly sincere, having short moments of autism that can help one react in situations that deal with an attempt of an assassination, or misjudging situations that end in death. All this is done through thin slicing; a blink; thinking without knowing that one is.

Maybe the greatest decision makers aren’t the ones who take time to analyze and process information.

You’re going to have to read this book to find out!

When has your unconscious helped you or let you down?

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