Saturday, March 14, 2015

I'm back!

It was 7 A.M. and I was running late for a mini cram session right before my neuroscience exam. I looked over and saw that I had one Snapple left (one delicious Snapple left). So I grabbed it and placed it in the net pouch on the side of my backpack. I headed to the restroom and placed my stuff on the bench outside; when I was done, I swung my backpack, and in slow motion I saw my last precious Snapple suicide jump from my backpack to the cold, hard floor.  My beautiful Snapple shattered to pieces on the bathroom floor. The tea and glass slowly took over half of the community bathroom floor. Watching the puddle spread across the tile, my heart dropped a little inside. My beloved Snapple (that I was supposed to be enjoying right before my exam) was dead. After standing there for a moment, I thought: Is this foreshadowing my exam?


Why tell y’all this story?
I haven’t been posting on my blog. I know I’ve been slacking, so I thought you guys would enjoy laughing a little at the mess I’ve been this week. But, thankfully all my exams are over now, so I can finally start posting!

Now for the real blog post…. Dun. Dun. DUNNNNNNNNNN.

So, this blog post will be a little different. Why?
I’m going to get you guys super pumped for some future blog post that are soon to come!
You ready?
1) I got some bangs! Yes, I went back to the good old days. Not the Dora phase but some side bangs!
2) I’m going to CALIFORNIA! WOOHOO! I’m super pumped. I’m going with my best friends Addison, Grace, and Kassidy!
3) I’m going camping… yes, you heard that right. Pam out there in the wild. I’ve been out in the wild before but definitely not like out there out there to the point where I’m sleeping outside. I like to consider myself a nice city girl (and everyone else will back that up).
4) I just wanted to say a small shout out to Mason. Chris, you’re a stud.
5) There’s much, much more that you’ll just have to wait for. :)

Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone that has been reading my blog! I reached 3,000 views! :)

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